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The Contract Governance Conference Berlin

Thursday Sept. 30

13.00: Arrival, Light Lunch

The overall architecture of contract governance
Speakers: Stefan Grundmann, Florian Möslein, Karl Riesenhuber

I. Third Party Impact and Governance Problems in Herd Behaviour
Chair: Gerd Gigerenzer

1. The concept of Herd Behaviour
Speaker: Tatsuya Kameda
Discussant: Peer Zumbansen

2. Moral Hazard and Herd Behaviour in the Financial Crisis
Speaker: Bruno S. Frey
Discussant: Gunther Teubner

16.30: Coffee Break

3. Herd Behaviour and Third Party impact as a legal concept?
Speaker: Hans-W. Micklitz
Discussant: Michael Klausner

ii. Governance of networks of contracts Chair: Christian Kirchner

1. Firms outside Firms – contract-based and firm-based organisation
Speaker: Charles F. Sabel
Discussant: Gerard Hertig

20.00: Conference Dinner

Friday Oct. 1

2. Contractual networks in a Socio-Economic Perspective
Speaker: Richard Swedberg
Discussant: Marc Amstutz

10.15: Coffee Break

3. Direct claims and Distribution of Profits - Companies and Networks Compared (round Table)

Discussants: Paul Davies, Hanno Merkt, Vito Roberto

iii. Governance in long-Term relationships · Chair: Klaus J. Hopt

1. fairness and reciprocity as Schemes of Behaviour
Speaker: Stefan Magen
Discussant: Gralf-Peter Calliess

13.00: Lunch

2. Cooperation, Games and Economic Theory in long-Term relationship

Speaker: Dominique Demougin
Discussant: Fernando Gomez

15.45: Coffee Break

3. opportunistic Behaviour in long-Term investment relation- ships and legal answers Speaker: Clayton Gillette
Discussant: Urs Schweizer

iv. Governance and Rule Setting · Chair: Wolfgang Schön

1. Europeanisation, Regulatory competition and Privatisation a comparative analysis
Speaker: Fabrizio Cafaggi
Discussant: Wolfgang Kerber

20.00: Philharmonie

Saturday Oct. 2

2. Contract governance and Governance of Contract (Re-)Negotiations
Speaker: Hugh Collins
Discussant: Horst Eidenmüller

10.15: Coffee Break

3. Innovation and the Role of Public-Private Collaboration in Contract Governance Speaker: Katharina Pistor
Discussant: Gunnar Folke Schuppert


v. contract governance and Political Dimensions
Chair: Christine Windbichler

Discussants: Kern Alexander, Klaus J. Hopt, Mats Isaksson, Karl-Heinz Oehler (yet to be confirmed)

13.00: Lunch Afternoon: Visit to Potsdam – Sanssouci; Ship cruise back to Berlin.

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